September 8, 2014

  • Abbot Family Leadership Conference: is a leadership conference during the Spring semester; applications are available at; Applications are due September 19Informationals this week in MSC 2406 at Tuesday at 7 & Wednesday at 8:30; contact Mat Wheeler for more info
  • ASC: are excited to do Song Fest with us this year; we need a lot of guys to participate since they have 400 girls
  • First Baptist Bryan: Foodsters Truck Ralley – on Thursday, September 11 at 6:30 PM; event mainly for freshmen to find a church and get plugged in
  • Forges are available via Tommy Dunham – if you haven’t “prefed” forges, you are not in a forge; contact Tommy with any questions
  • South Asia Trip – our partnership with Cru will continue this next summer; contact John Sadler if you are interested in going to South Asia this summer for a mission trip
  • Rush starts this Wednesday, September 10 with Broomball which is an event open to anyone. For more details on rush, go to the Rush page.
  • When available: the Sig Doc & Forge List will be available on the “Resources” page