October 27, 2014

Outside Announcements
IJM: No Slave November
– November 16: Nefarious Showing at Central Baptist Church- November 20: Jenny & Tyler Benefit Concert
– November 22: Spikeball Tournament ($30 entry fee per team)

– in the MSC this week looking for guys to be camp counselors

Deer Creek Camps
– in the MSC this week looking for guys to be camp counselors

Wells Project
– November 7: 10 Days Kickoff at First Baptist Bryan w/ Shane&Shane and Votary
– 10 Days Challenge: November 10-19
– November 25: Jason’s Deli Profit Share

Internal Announcements
– November 3-4: 24 Hour IHOP Challenge at Denny’s (on Texas Ave.)
– November 14: Pledge Party

– Soccer: 8:45PM on Thursday at the Rec
– Football: 10:45PM on Sunday (Playoffs) at Penberthy

Prayer Monks
– 6PM on Wednesday at All Faith’s Chapel
– fulfills 1 prayer requirement

– Mandatory service project is on November 22
– Start gathering yard work tools

– ULM Tailgate this weekend
– Auburn Tailgate/Watch Party at the Man Cave

– Unofficial KYX Hangout this Saturday at Evan&Sam’s
– Brotherhood Event on November 7

– Reed Clean Ups: October 29 (10am-3pm)

– Fundraising Letters: 3 letters due to next meeting filled out w/ correct addresses
– Letter Template is found on resources page
– Bring cash for #waxeric2014 fundraiser (goal is $500)