March 31, 2014

Outside Announcements

Phi Lamb: Swing Dance Palooza!

  • When: this Saturday, April 5 from 7pm-11pm
  • When: Wellborn Community Center (4119 Greens Prairie Rd W)
  • What: JUMP and JIVE! Sigma Phi Lambda’s Philanthropy for World Vision
  • Price: free, but shirts are on sale for $14

– IJM: Stand for Freedom

  • When: April 8th-April 9th, 24 hour event
  • What: demonstration of a day in the life of a modern slave; Votary is going to be playing

– Breakdown Ministries: local ministry organization, bridges the gap between church and the community; looking for underclassmen to join staff, looking for volunteers to come to events

– Jubliee

  • When: April 13, 2014 from 8am-1pm
  • Where: Sue Haswell Park
  • What: It’s set up like a garage sale, but everything is for free. They need donations (clothes, furniture, and household items).
  • For more information contact Meghan Kelly at

Inside Announcements

– Missions: Helping Hands

  • This Saturday, April 5, we will be painting the outside of a woman’s house in Bryan. She also said there is a brick that is helping hold the house up that needs to be moved. I don’t know what that looks like but if it’s feasible, we can try to help. For each volunteer, we will need them to fill out an application and agreement and have those turned in before you do the project. We also need at least one girl to go with this, so missions grab-a-date style but not really (that’s not ever a thing). We need at least 10 guys. We will meet on-campus at 9am and carpool over to the house. Sign up at the link emailed out.

– Prayer Monk: this Friday, meeting somewhere for food and prayer afterwards, text Eric or Neal if you want to go

– Retreat:

  • Text Jake if you have a tent
  • This Saturday, April 5, we need 10 guys to help get a shed up at the Busboom Ranch. Whoever signs up will meet at 8am in Lot 100. Pledges will receive Jake Harris’ and Randy McDonald’s sig. Sign Up at the link emailed out. (No more than 13 guys need to go since we also have a missions event during the same time)

– PR shirts:

  • Shirts should be in this week on Wednesday or Thursday. Cody is going to package the shirts for each member to distribute and each member is responsible for giving out the shirts.

– Fundraising:

  • If you pledged to donate money for #dressLogan2014: fill out the GoogleDoc that was emailed out and bring your money next meeting.