April 21, 2014

Service: FMSC

Music, Metaphors, and Meals on April 24 at 9pm. Proceeds go towards FMSC. (Awesome opportunity to establish relationships with those in the community.)
MobilePack Event is on April 26. All KYX members are required to be at both shifts (except for Impact CoChairs). The first shift is 11:30AM-1:30PM and 2-4PM. Impact CoChairs are only required to be at the 2-4PM shift.
– We still need more volunteers so please reach out to your friend groups and get them to come to at least one shift. Signup information is found on the FB event.
– Ryan Jicha has 100 posters that we need to distribute across campus and the community and he needs HELP. Please let him know if you have ideas on where to hang them.
Here is a GoogleDoc to sign up for setup and cleanup. We need a minimum of 20-25 guys at each shift. There are also some supplies needed that we have to provide (brooms, dish towels, etc.) and you can sign up to bring some of those as well. Every guy should sign up for either a set up or clean up shift, it is not required but I will slap you silly if I find out you didn’t sign up for one (out of love of course <3).
– PR the crap out of FMSC on Facebook with statuses, posting links, sharing the events, and changing profile/cover photos. FB profile pictures and cover photos are attached to this email.

Fundraising: FMSC Banner Holding

– This Tuesday thru Friday in Rudder Plaza
– Sign up on the GoogleDoc
– We still need people with trucks to sign up for set up and take down shifts
– 3 shifts count as 1 fundraising requirement
– This is the last fundraising event of the semester so if you don’t have 2 credits, sign up for shifts
– Previous fundraising events include: 3 hours at the 2nd FMSC Garage Sale, Reed CleanUp, Chick-fil-a Profit Share table (if coordinated with Preston Pope)

Social: Phillies Mixer

– Saturday, April 26, from 8pm-10pm
– 1120 S Dexter Drive
FB Event

Prayer: Senior Prayer Night & South Asia Send Off

– May 1st at 9PM at the Boat
– Details my change but will be announced by Sam Moss
– counts as a prayer requirement
Prayer Monks are still meeting every Friday and praying with them for a hour count as a prayer requirement. Contact Neal Spencer or Eric Allen if you are interested.

Missions: Prayer Booth

– April 28-29
– Two shifts equals one missions requirement (can’t earn two missions requirement from the same day)


– Monday, April 28, at Living Hope Baptist Church at 8PM
– End of the Year Banquet will follow (more details will be given closer to Initiation)