March 17, 2014

  • Proclaim Conference @ New Life: April 4-5, $10, sign up at New Life’s website
  • Missions: Heart of Worship is April 7-8 (1 hour of worship, 1 hour of evangelism counts fulfills 1 requirement); Block Party is this Saturday
  • Fundraising: next Tuesday, McAlister’s Profit share (1 fundraising credit)  – March 25; Garage Sale is this Saturday, bring stuff to the Manor (1003 Glade Street), everyone has to invite 15 people to the FB event, 3 hours counts as fundraising requirement (from Friday packing party & Saturday Garage Sale)
  • Social: this Saturday, Gabbard Park Hangout – hammocking, Spike Ball, Frisbee, ice cream sundaes; March 27th – mixer with Phi Lamb at Mount Aggie (9:30PM-11PM)
  • Prayer: March 25th, 9PM, at the Boat
  • Banquet: April 12th at Living Hope, make sure up-to-date mailing information for parents so they can get an invitation, GoogleDoc is on FB, let Grant Melson know if you won’t be there
  • Intramurals: no games this week; Basketball has been moved to next Thursday at 5:45PM (can register until 3pm tomorrow, text Evan Bolton if you want to play); Volleyball – if you want to play and haven’t signed up yet, text Eric Allen tonight
  • PR Shirts: link closes on Friday at midnight, get the word out, about 150 shirts to go
  • Pledge Trainer: Kevin…has a twitter (@bestfriendKevin); IHOP challenge is next week

March 3, 2014

  • Prayer meeting this Wednesday at 9pm @ The Boat (balcony of Life Sciences Building next to Simpson Drill Field)
  • FMSC Garage Sale — Saturday, March 22
    • Due to the success of last garage sale (almost $2k!), we are doing it again!
    • Go home for Spring Break and bring a bunch of stuff back with you to sell, whether its your stuff or your parents.
    • This all goes towards benefitting FMSC (
  • If you have not written your three FMSC letters, do so this week and get them to Preston Pope. We know who you are.
  • Intramurals
    • Basketball: Tuesday at 6:45pm @ The Rec court 8
    • Volleyball: Wednesday at 5:50pm @ PEAP Building court 4
  • “Pay yer dues!” Price goes up $5 each week until you pay. Click for the link to go to the store.

February 24, 2014

  • Retreat: February 28 – March 2
  • Intramurals: have to make account to play; Only Volleyball and Soccer this week on Wednesday; If you’re going to play volleyball, text Eric Allen beforehand.
  • Prayer Monks: will meet this Friday at noon at All Faiths Chapel ( hour fulfills prayer requirement)
  • Dues: PAY YOUR DUES. Check the minutes from tonight for the link.
  • Missions: Sign up to do Big Event with KYX! It fufills one mission requirement. The access code is on FB and in the minutes from tonight’s meeting.
  • Communications: If you haven’t been getting the KYX reminder texts, please let James Johnson or Jordan McKinney know.

February 3, 2014

  • Retreat: February 28 – March 2
  • Intramurals: First basketball game is tomorrow; have to make account to play (check the FB post by Robbie)
  • Prayer Monks: will meet every Friday at noon at All Faiths Chapel ( hour fulfills prayer requirement)
  • South Asia mission trip: we are still looking for guys to join the team (be in prayer for the trip); Deadline is February
  • Message from Pledge Trainers: Big Apps are due this coming Monday at 10PM; Sig Doc must be filled out before 7PM this Wednesday; Pledge Breakfast starts this Thursday at 6:30am (Fuego); Manly sleep over is this Wednesday at Linda Lane

January 20, 2014

  • Prayer Monks: will still meet once a week. Until the pledge invasion, they will be meeting before Chapter meetings. Prayer request box will still be at the meetings. Contact Neal or Eric with any questions.
  • Brad: The garage sale raised $1836.72 for FMSC (WHOOP!). The next fundraising event is a Reed Clean Up this coming Sunday night (pm-midnight) – we need ppl, SO SHOW UP. Just a reminder, the more people that show up the quicker it goes.
  • Cody: Hat orders are coming to an end, the link closes at : pm this coming Wednesday. Rush shirts are in and cost $10 a piece. Also, Fish Camp apps are due this Friday.
  • Intramurals: Signups are available for basketball, flag football, softball, beach volleyball, kickball, and outdoor soccer. Coed signups to happen later.
  • CRU TRIP: Cru free lunches are on Thursdays again this semester (free pizza and evangelism training) You should go if you are interested in going on KYX/Phi Lamb trip this summer.
  • If you are planning on going LOA or early alumni, make sure you inform Logan before 5:30pm this Sunday
  • Luke Schneider was voted back into KYX and will undergo a abbreviated pledgeship this semester.
  • Forges start this week! Contact Mat if you have questions/comments/concerns.
  • Rush: Events are listed on the Rush page. Each active needs to come to out of events to meet requirements.