November 17, 2014


  • Joy to the World 5k/10k

Grace College Ministry

  • Thursday, November 20: What’s Next? (7PM at Grace Anderson)
  • South Asia Mission Trip with Cru

Prayer Monks

  • Wednesday, All Faith’s Chapel, 6-7PM
  • Fulfills a prayer requirement

Potluck in the Park

  • Neal Park, 1:30PM, Sunday
  • Bring Food (because it is a potluck…)
  • Contact Will Sadler if you have any questions


  • this Saturday, November 22
  • Where: Still Creek Ranch
  • Meet at 8:30am at Central Baptist Church


  • Reed Clean Up: Thursday, November 20 (1:30PM-6:30PM)
  • KYX Garage Sales: after Thanksgiving, bring stuff from home, good opportunity to sacrifice for others
  • Profit Share: December 2, Panda Express on Texas Ave, 5-9PM
  • Talk to Evan Carlton if you have any questions

Pledge Trainer Apps

  • Both pledge trainer positions will be opening up
  • Come out next week
  • Due December 1 at 11:59PM
  • Talk to Brad Baxter and not James DeVinney if you have any questions

November 4, 2014


– Soccer: 1st Playoff game at 8:45PM at the Rec

– Contact Andrew Fredericks if you have questions

Prayer Monks

– Wednesday, 6PM at All Faith’s Chapel

– counts as a prayer requirement

– Contact James Janney or Nathan Garcia if you have questions

Prayer Night

– November 13 at the Boat

– Looking for someone to lead worship…

– Contact Tanner Carroll if you can lead worship

Social: Brotherhood

– Friday, November 7 at Lake Bryan

– Bring camp chairs, frisbees, sports balls

– Contact Evan Bolton with any questions


– Evangelism: Tuesday, Nov 4 at 5PM (meet at Rudder Plaza)

– Food Pantry: Thursday, Nov 6 at 5PM at the Bridge

– Contact Will Sadler with any questions

PR Shirts

– 1 shirt = 18 meals


– Contact Brian Johnson with any questions

FMSC Things

– Personal Donation Page Instructions are on the website. (Contact Jicha with questions)

– The spread sheet for the pledged donations for the Wax Eric fundraiser is also on the website. Please be men of your word and pay up what you promised. It will be a total of $3400 towards our fundraising goal. (Contact Cody Culp with questions)

– Potential Reed Clean Up on November 20. Evan Carlton will have more details soon. (Evan Carlton)

– Mobile Pack Event is on May 2, 2015
– Turn in Fundraising Letters ASAP to Cody Culp (template is on the website)

IVP Thingz

– Fall Requirements: 2 Missions, 2 Prayer (Prayer Monk and Prayer Nights counts), Still Creek Service Event (November 22), can only miss 2 meetings