November 17, 2014


  • Joy to the World 5k/10k

Grace College Ministry

  • Thursday, November 20: What’s Next? (7PM at Grace Anderson)
  • South Asia Mission Trip with Cru

Prayer Monks

  • Wednesday, All Faith’s Chapel, 6-7PM
  • Fulfills a prayer requirement

Potluck in the Park

  • Neal Park, 1:30PM, Sunday
  • Bring Food (because it is a potluck…)
  • Contact Will Sadler if you have any questions


  • this Saturday, November 22
  • Where: Still Creek Ranch
  • Meet at 8:30am at Central Baptist Church


  • Reed Clean Up: Thursday, November 20 (1:30PM-6:30PM)
  • KYX Garage Sales: after Thanksgiving, bring stuff from home, good opportunity to sacrifice for others
  • Profit Share: December 2, Panda Express on Texas Ave, 5-9PM
  • Talk to Evan Carlton if you have any questions

Pledge Trainer Apps

  • Both pledge trainer positions will be opening up
  • Come out next week
  • Due December 1 at 11:59PM
  • Talk to Brad Baxter and not James DeVinney if you have any questions

November 4, 2014


– Soccer: 1st Playoff game at 8:45PM at the Rec

– Contact Andrew Fredericks if you have questions

Prayer Monks

– Wednesday, 6PM at All Faith’s Chapel

– counts as a prayer requirement

– Contact James Janney or Nathan Garcia if you have questions

Prayer Night

– November 13 at the Boat

– Looking for someone to lead worship…

– Contact Tanner Carroll if you can lead worship

Social: Brotherhood

– Friday, November 7 at Lake Bryan

– Bring camp chairs, frisbees, sports balls

– Contact Evan Bolton with any questions


– Evangelism: Tuesday, Nov 4 at 5PM (meet at Rudder Plaza)

– Food Pantry: Thursday, Nov 6 at 5PM at the Bridge

– Contact Will Sadler with any questions

PR Shirts

– 1 shirt = 18 meals


– Contact Brian Johnson with any questions

FMSC Things

– Personal Donation Page Instructions are on the website. (Contact Jicha with questions)

– The spread sheet for the pledged donations for the Wax Eric fundraiser is also on the website. Please be men of your word and pay up what you promised. It will be a total of $3400 towards our fundraising goal. (Contact Cody Culp with questions)

– Potential Reed Clean Up on November 20. Evan Carlton will have more details soon. (Evan Carlton)

– Mobile Pack Event is on May 2, 2015
– Turn in Fundraising Letters ASAP to Cody Culp (template is on the website)

IVP Thingz

– Fall Requirements: 2 Missions, 2 Prayer (Prayer Monk and Prayer Nights counts), Still Creek Service Event (November 22), can only miss 2 meetings

October 27, 2014

Outside Announcements
IJM: No Slave November
– November 16: Nefarious Showing at Central Baptist Church- November 20: Jenny & Tyler Benefit Concert
– November 22: Spikeball Tournament ($30 entry fee per team)

– in the MSC this week looking for guys to be camp counselors

Deer Creek Camps
– in the MSC this week looking for guys to be camp counselors

Wells Project
– November 7: 10 Days Kickoff at First Baptist Bryan w/ Shane&Shane and Votary
– 10 Days Challenge: November 10-19
– November 25: Jason’s Deli Profit Share

Internal Announcements
– November 3-4: 24 Hour IHOP Challenge at Denny’s (on Texas Ave.)
– November 14: Pledge Party

– Soccer: 8:45PM on Thursday at the Rec
– Football: 10:45PM on Sunday (Playoffs) at Penberthy

Prayer Monks
– 6PM on Wednesday at All Faith’s Chapel
– fulfills 1 prayer requirement

– Mandatory service project is on November 22
– Start gathering yard work tools

– ULM Tailgate this weekend
– Auburn Tailgate/Watch Party at the Man Cave

– Unofficial KYX Hangout this Saturday at Evan&Sam’s
– Brotherhood Event on November 7

– Reed Clean Ups: October 29 (10am-3pm)

– Fundraising Letters: 3 letters due to next meeting filled out w/ correct addresses
– Letter Template is found on resources page
– Bring cash for #waxeric2014 fundraiser (goal is $500)

October 6, 2014

Theta Fiesta

– When: Friday, October 10; 6PM – 9PM
– What: Fajita dinner
– Where: Theta House
– Tickets are $5 at MSC, Commons, Wehner, Rec; Tshirts are $10 at MSC, Commons, Wehner, Rec; $5 Raffle Tickets

Austin Stone Institute

– What: Leadership Development, Internships, etc.
– Where: Austin, TX at the Austin Stone
– When: gap year, post college, or summer
– They will be in the MSC on Tuesday (9AM – 4PM) and Wednesday (9AM – 1PM)

Mission of Hope Haiti

– What: Internships
– Where: Haitit
– When: whenever
– Jay Richardson will be tailgating this weekend in Lot 88, Spot 60
– Contact Jay Richardson at if you are interested


– Football: this Tuesday, 6:45PM, Penberthy
– Volleyball with AXO: this Wednesday, 8:40PM, PEAP Building
– Sign Up on IMLeagues before hand
– Contact Andrew Fredericks with any questions
– Partner Dance starts this Thursday (be there if you want to be in the partner dance)
– Contact James Janney or Grant Ridenour with any questions

Prayer Monks

– Prayer Requests:
– Prayer Monks will meets every Wednesday at 6PM – 7PM in All Faith’s Chapel


– The Bridge: Hanging dry wall, 6-10 guys, noon on Friday (look for the FB post)
– Habit for Humanity: 15 guys, Saturday
– Contact Will Sadler with any questions

– ASC Water Fight: this Friday, October 10 at 5pm in Gabbard Park
– Wear a nonwhite shirt (SHIRTS A MUST/TANKS ARE OKAY)
– Slip-n-slide, water balloons, food, etc.
– Great opportunity for guys in Songfest
– Contact Evan Bolton with any questions

Retreat: Shed & Camp Work-trip soon

Eleazar Award: Will Sadler

FMSC: $27,500 fundraising goal has been approved.

September 8, 2014

  • Abbot Family Leadership Conference: is a leadership conference during the Spring semester; applications are available at; Applications are due September 19Informationals this week in MSC 2406 at Tuesday at 7 & Wednesday at 8:30; contact Mat Wheeler for more info
  • ASC: are excited to do Song Fest with us this year; we need a lot of guys to participate since they have 400 girls
  • First Baptist Bryan: Foodsters Truck Ralley – on Thursday, September 11 at 6:30 PM; event mainly for freshmen to find a church and get plugged in
  • Forges are available via Tommy Dunham – if you haven’t “prefed” forges, you are not in a forge; contact Tommy with any questions
  • South Asia Trip – our partnership with Cru will continue this next summer; contact John Sadler if you are interested in going to South Asia this summer for a mission trip
  • Rush starts this Wednesday, September 10 with Broomball which is an event open to anyone. For more details on rush, go to the Rush page.
  • When available: the Sig Doc & Forge List will be available on the “Resources” page

April 21, 2014

Service: FMSC

Music, Metaphors, and Meals on April 24 at 9pm. Proceeds go towards FMSC. (Awesome opportunity to establish relationships with those in the community.)
MobilePack Event is on April 26. All KYX members are required to be at both shifts (except for Impact CoChairs). The first shift is 11:30AM-1:30PM and 2-4PM. Impact CoChairs are only required to be at the 2-4PM shift.
– We still need more volunteers so please reach out to your friend groups and get them to come to at least one shift. Signup information is found on the FB event.
– Ryan Jicha has 100 posters that we need to distribute across campus and the community and he needs HELP. Please let him know if you have ideas on where to hang them.
Here is a GoogleDoc to sign up for setup and cleanup. We need a minimum of 20-25 guys at each shift. There are also some supplies needed that we have to provide (brooms, dish towels, etc.) and you can sign up to bring some of those as well. Every guy should sign up for either a set up or clean up shift, it is not required but I will slap you silly if I find out you didn’t sign up for one (out of love of course <3).
– PR the crap out of FMSC on Facebook with statuses, posting links, sharing the events, and changing profile/cover photos. FB profile pictures and cover photos are attached to this email.

Fundraising: FMSC Banner Holding

– This Tuesday thru Friday in Rudder Plaza
– Sign up on the GoogleDoc
– We still need people with trucks to sign up for set up and take down shifts
– 3 shifts count as 1 fundraising requirement
– This is the last fundraising event of the semester so if you don’t have 2 credits, sign up for shifts
– Previous fundraising events include: 3 hours at the 2nd FMSC Garage Sale, Reed CleanUp, Chick-fil-a Profit Share table (if coordinated with Preston Pope)

Social: Phillies Mixer

– Saturday, April 26, from 8pm-10pm
– 1120 S Dexter Drive
FB Event

Prayer: Senior Prayer Night & South Asia Send Off

– May 1st at 9PM at the Boat
– Details my change but will be announced by Sam Moss
– counts as a prayer requirement
Prayer Monks are still meeting every Friday and praying with them for a hour count as a prayer requirement. Contact Neal Spencer or Eric Allen if you are interested.

Missions: Prayer Booth

– April 28-29
– Two shifts equals one missions requirement (can’t earn two missions requirement from the same day)


– Monday, April 28, at Living Hope Baptist Church at 8PM
– End of the Year Banquet will follow (more details will be given closer to Initiation)

April 14, 2014

Inside Announcements

  • FMSC: sign-up and promote to friends, keep contacting churches and organizations;  CURRENTLY HAVE A LITTLE UNDER $2400
  • Fundraising: Flip-for-Food on April 22-25, 3 shifts is equivalent to 1 fundraising requirement; Music, Metaphors, and Meals with Mic Check is on April 24. Both have a FB event, PR the crap out of them.
  • Pledge Trainer: apps are out. The application has been attached to the previous two emails. It is due Monday, April 21 at 11:59PM.
  • Pledge Party: is this Thursday, April 17 at Mount Aggie at 9PM.
  • Muster: No KYX meetings will be held next week due to Muster.

Election Results

  • The Officer Core for 2014-2015 includes:
  • President – Eric Allen
  • IVP – John Sadler
  • EVP – Brian Johnson
  • Chaplain – Tommy Dunham
  • Treasurer – Cody Culp
  • Secretary – Jordan McKinney
  • National Liaison – Robbie Coffeen

April 7, 2014

Outside Announcements

Branch Out Movement: is a new organization that promotes organizations and their events. They are looking for a leadership team. Contact Gerard Richard for more information.
Theta 5K: is this Saturday, April 12, at 9am from the Theta House. You can sign up to run/walk/jog on campus at various sites and at this link. Tshirts and headbands are also for sale to raise money for their philanthropy. There will be a silent auction held in the Theta House during the 5K (Johnny Manziel autographed football and a golden retriever puppy are the big ticket items).
John Knox Ranch Summer Camp: is a Christian summer camp outside of Wimberley TX. They are currently looking for male college students to fill counselor and upper leadership positions. John Knox Ranch Summer Camp Counselors live with 5 to 9 campers and act as friend, parent, mentor and disciplinarian to the campers. They also lead activities. 1 to 2 weeks out of the summer, a counselor may be put in a support staff role. As support staff, an individual can expect to lifeguard, help in the kitchen, and do light maintenance. In all areas, counselors help foster a climate of spiritual growth. Counselors are paired with a different co-counselor each week when a new group of campers come. The ages of campers range from 3rd-9th grade and counselors usually get a new age group each week. Counselors spend the day leading activities like canoeing, fishing, archery, sports and games, nature hikes, and swimming. Check out their website for more information if interested.
YouthWorks:  facilitates and hosts week long missions for churches at sites throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and are looking for qualified, Christ-centered young adults to help us lead our trips this upcoming summer. They are paid positions and are great opportunities to gain solid work experience, be a part of missions work, lead church groups, and serve in a community for the summer. If you are interested, check our their website at where you can ask for more information or find an application, or you could give them a call to find out more at (877) 249-9904.

Inside Announcements

– FMSC:  Here’s the link to sign up for FMSC. Make sure you advertise it to your other organizations (FLiC, Impact, Fish Camp, etc.) Tell all their friends and family because we need LOTS of people. Also, please contact your local church and ask about how we can advertise our FMSC event (bulletins, PowerPoint slide, etc.). If you have any questions, contact Ryan Jicha at 832-764-9553.
– Fundraising: Chick-fi-a Profit Share on April 10; Music, Metaphors, and Meals with Mic Check on April 24; Flip-for-Food on April 23-25 from 10am to 3pm.
– Parent’s Banquet: is this Saturday, April 12, at Living Hope Baptist Church. Please arrive around 11:30am and food will be served around noon. MAKE SURE YOUR PARENTS RSVP. Less than half the fraternity has RSVPed so far. Therefore, text/call/email your parents and ask them if they are planning on coming to the banquet and let Kevin Caldwell know.
– Pledge Party: next Thursday, April 17th, at Mount Aggie. Bring a friend of your choice! (This is a great opportunity to bring a potential pledge and introduce them to the guys of KYX)
– Retreat: if you have a KYX tent, please contact Jake Harris

March 31, 2014

Outside Announcements

Phi Lamb: Swing Dance Palooza!

  • When: this Saturday, April 5 from 7pm-11pm
  • When: Wellborn Community Center (4119 Greens Prairie Rd W)
  • What: JUMP and JIVE! Sigma Phi Lambda’s Philanthropy for World Vision
  • Price: free, but shirts are on sale for $14

– IJM: Stand for Freedom

  • When: April 8th-April 9th, 24 hour event
  • What: demonstration of a day in the life of a modern slave; Votary is going to be playing

– Breakdown Ministries: local ministry organization, bridges the gap between church and the community; looking for underclassmen to join staff, looking for volunteers to come to events

– Jubliee

  • When: April 13, 2014 from 8am-1pm
  • Where: Sue Haswell Park
  • What: It’s set up like a garage sale, but everything is for free. They need donations (clothes, furniture, and household items).
  • For more information contact Meghan Kelly at

Inside Announcements

– Missions: Helping Hands

  • This Saturday, April 5, we will be painting the outside of a woman’s house in Bryan. She also said there is a brick that is helping hold the house up that needs to be moved. I don’t know what that looks like but if it’s feasible, we can try to help. For each volunteer, we will need them to fill out an application and agreement and have those turned in before you do the project. We also need at least one girl to go with this, so missions grab-a-date style but not really (that’s not ever a thing). We need at least 10 guys. We will meet on-campus at 9am and carpool over to the house. Sign up at the link emailed out.

– Prayer Monk: this Friday, meeting somewhere for food and prayer afterwards, text Eric or Neal if you want to go

– Retreat:

  • Text Jake if you have a tent
  • This Saturday, April 5, we need 10 guys to help get a shed up at the Busboom Ranch. Whoever signs up will meet at 8am in Lot 100. Pledges will receive Jake Harris’ and Randy McDonald’s sig. Sign Up at the link emailed out. (No more than 13 guys need to go since we also have a missions event during the same time)

– PR shirts:

  • Shirts should be in this week on Wednesday or Thursday. Cody is going to package the shirts for each member to distribute and each member is responsible for giving out the shirts.

– Fundraising:

  • If you pledged to donate money for #dressLogan2014: fill out the GoogleDoc that was emailed out and bring your money next meeting.

KYX — A Look to the Finish Line


Last meeting, we announced that the election process would begin in April. Due to Aggie Muster on April 21, we have had to push up the process by a week. The schedule is below.

  • Monday, March 31 — Nominations
  • Monday, April 7 — Acceptance of Nominations and Speeches
  • Monday, April 14 — Voting

With that said, please come tomorrow evening ready to nominate your brothers for Officer positions. Each Active member may nominate only one person per Office. Current Pledges may not run for a position in the Officer Corps. JIs may run for every position except that of President.

Upcoming Events

With our Feed My Starving Children Mobilepack event coming up on April 26, this month will be somewhat full. Below is a list of our currently scheduled events. Other events, such as mixers and brotherhood hangouts, will be added as they are finalized.

  • Sunday, March 30 — Prayer/Worship Night
  • Saturday, April 5 — The Bridge Ministries missions event
  • Thursday, April 10 — Prayer/Worship Night
  • Friday, April 11 — Tacos on Northgate fundraiser
  • Saturday, April 12 — Parent and Alumni Luncheon
  • Saturday, April 19 — $1000 manly-man fundraiser
  • Mon–Wed, April 23–25 — Flip For Food fundraiser
  • Thursday, April 24 — Music, Metaphors, and Meals
  • Saturday, April 26 — FMSC Mobilepack Event
  • Monday, April 28 — Initiation & End of Year Banquet
  • Mon–Tue, April 28–29 — Prayer Booth
  • Someday in May — Senior Prayer Night and South Asia sendoff

You can find more details for each of these events at We will also discuss these tomorrow night during meeting.


The last thing worth mentioning is that we, as an Officer Corps, need your feedback. While we are striving our hardest to humbly walk with our Savior and be obedient to the calling he has placed upon us, we are far from perfect—I know that I make plenty of mistakes, and I have dropped the ball more times than I want to admit. Although I am free, Christ in continuing to reveal more and more sin in my life. To address this, we would like to give you the opportunity to voice your concerns and feedback in two ways.

  1. Please fill out the following Spring 2014 Semester Evaluation before Monday, April 7.
  2. If you want, please join us for an Officer Meeting on this Wednesday, April 2 to voice your opinion. We meet at 9pm. Please text Logan if you want to come. Currently, there is no limit on how many can attend. As your brothers, we WANT to hear what we can be doing better. We know we’re sinners who mess up. Come talk to us. Actives and Pledges welcome.